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Customise a CD ISO - add or remove applications, etc

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Two Methods : --


1) Use remastersys. See its home page at  : --


Remastersys Tony Brijeski
aka Fragadelic
a backup utility for Klikit-Linux, Ubuntu and derivatives



Remastersys Forums




2) Use this method, described by Dean Linkous, in an email to me, if you are comfortable with the command line.


"I don't think the compression is different - only the method. I think remastersys probably does a less thorough job than the  manual process - also since remastersys builds the ISO from a installed system there is greater chance of cruft and extra files included in the build. I consider it much cleaner to - unpack the ISO, unpack the squash, chroot in, uninstall stuff, repack squash, repack ISO. But whatever works...

Take care,

Dean Linkous"


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