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Partitioning for a multiboot system

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FAQ How do I partition a new hard drive?


This is a first look at the issues to be faced when deciding how to partition a new hard drive.


Most new computers come with the Operating System pre-installed

and the hard drive already partitioned. [See here for this.]


However, sometimes the situation is that a new, additional hard drive is installed, and this is what this FAQ will address.


What should the partitioning scheme include?


The first thing that you need to know about partitioning a hard drive is the limitations that exist.



  1. There can be no more than four Primary Partitions on any hard drive.
  2. There can be one Extended Partition, which may then be subdivided into many Logical Partitions.
  3. Logical Partitions must be in contiguous sectors of the hard drive, so that, if you delete a Logical Partition, be aware that this will cause numbering of the following partitions, if any, to change.


The next thing that you need to think about is how you are going to allocate the space on the hard drive.


  1. Issues to think about are : --



    • What Operating Systems will you have installed, and what formatting of the hard drive will they be able to read/write?
    • What kind of data will you be storing on the hard drive, how much space will it require and will it be shared by all, some or just one of the operating systems installed?
    • Will I be wanting to add/update operating systems or just keep the initial one(s)?
    • What form of backup will I use to protect my personal data?


What should I do if I have already started using the hard drive?

Second answer goes here


What problems need I be aware of and avoid?

Third answer goes here



What tools will I need and where can I get them?

Fourth answer goes here


Copy and paste above to expand the FAQ.


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