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Refracta is a project by Dean for building a Debian system, starting from a minimal Debian installation, with most of the tools needed to build a full system included from the start.


There is a section on the LinuxInterntionalsForum for this project, and Dean has his own forum also.


I have downloaded the ISO using zsync from one of the download mirrors, v 0.0.3, which I am about to burn to CD and try as a LiveCD session.


LiveCD session


I have now burned the ISO to CD and am running this as a LiveCD session.


Network and Internet found straight off.

Able to browse Computer, but not the local hard drive - permission denied. Bummer. Maybe in the Rescue mode.

Downloading a few applications with Synaptic, including AptOnCD which I will use to save the repository to an ISO image for reuse with other live sessions, or if I decide to install it.


Applications added : --





zsync - already there - good work Dean



Added all the above to an ISO for reuse in future LiveCD sessions, on my Rundisk Pendrive.


More about Refracta



Refracta is a variant of the GNU/Linux operating system. Refracta adds other free software to create a fully usable operating environment for home computer users.

You can try Refracta without making any changes to your computer by running it from the CD. Of course, if you like Refracta, you can easily install it on your computer along with other operating systems.

There are many free software applications available including office software, graphics software, internet software, and much much more.


Refracta will not include non-free software but will include a method to install non-free software. The Refracta forums will have a non-free software section to assist users.


refracta ibiblio.org


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