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Page history last edited by Paul G. Taylor 12 years, 4 months ago

Upgrading ArtistX 0.7 [previously upgraded to Ubuntu 9.04] to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS


Note : A new version of ArtistX, based on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, is due out shortly, as at January 2011

          The ArtistX Forum is undergoing Transfer and is inaccessible as at Thursday, January 27 2011 


A couple of days ago, on the spur of the moment, since I was still up at 2 am and could download as much as I liked for no charge until 8 am, I began the process of upgrading my installed version of ArtistX 0.7, which I had previously upgraded to Ubuntu 9.04, to the latest version of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.


One factor that spurred me on to do this was that every time I used the System Update I got a message that "Your version of this OS is no longer supported", or words to that effect. So, although everything was working fine and I had no issues outstanding with the OS other than that, I decided to take the bull by the horns and upgrade. Besides, I had already upgraded once before without any ill effects and, by upgrading to the LTS version I could look forward to years of support without having to do anything except the many security updates that keep occurring.


I set the process in motion and went to bed, expecting to find the download complete in the morning. However, when I got up just after 8 am I found that, while most of the files had downloaded successfully, there were a few that had been corrupted and needed to be re-downloaded. Since this was a relatively small amount to download I just went ahead, restarting the upgrade and allowing the failed files to be downloaded.


Once these were downloaded and verified the process continued with installing the new versions of over 4,000 applications in this large distribution. Every so often a pop-up window asked whether I wanted to keep the existing configuration or use the developer's configuration. In nearly all cases I chose to keep the existing file but, for some that seemed more technical, I chose the developer's file. All went well, apparently, until I got to the final stages of the upgrade when it aborted with errors. I re-ran the System Upgrade again, but it never got to the stage of 'Cleaning Up' and finishing. I tried using apt-get to sort out any configuration or dependency problems and the system now says that it is complete, but in fact I have problems.


  • I have no sound.

  • Hibernate no longer works.

  • I cannot use the printer/scanner.

  • My VirtualBox will no longer run, complaining about the kernel and asking me to re-compile with certain changes.

  • I've lost my splash screen and have an ugly brown one from Ubuntu.

  • There may be more, it is early days in testing.


My options, at this time, are to continue to trouble-shoot the system and try to overcome these problems, to do a clean install of ArtistX 0.9, which is based on Ubuntu 9.04 I think, and try to do a distribution upgrade from that and then see what issues I have, or maybe just wait and see if a new release of ArtistX is coming out soon which is based on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, which would probably be the preferred option if available. I have posted a request for information on the ArtistX forums to this effect.


Links : ArtistX home page.          ArtistX forum.           Ubuntu home page.          Ubuntu forums.         Linux Internationals Forums.


Wednesday, 5th January 2011

I'll upload the keepers file made by debfoster on the old version of ArtistX before the upgrade commenced for possible use on a clean install later.



Well I have now done the following : --


  • Backed up the sda1 and sda2 partitions, using 'sudo grsync'.

  • Copied all the photographic files from the /home/Photos' directory to the dedicated partition for photos, sda10, and deleted them from the home directory.

  • Reinstalled the main OS, using ArtistX 0.9 DVD with '/' on sda1, reformatted, and '/home' on sda2, not formatted, but with a different user home, 'paul-ax09' so as to keep all configuration files for the new installation separate.

  • After making a few changes to the OS to make it usable, I have taken an image of the '/' root partition and backed it up to the external USB hard-drive using 'Clonezilla-live' which took less than five minutes to do the actual job.

  • Made an archive of the updated .deb files in the archives, done since I installed the OS. I will now clean the archives up before copying the dist-upgrade .debs over to it using 'sudo grsync'.


I am about to redo the distribution upgrade using the .deb files which I downloaded recently and saved to the external USB drive. I will copy them from there to the '/var/cache/apt/archives' directory and then run the 'Update Manager' and do a 'Distribution Upgrade'. Will report back after I have done that and rebooted.


Tuesday, January 11 2011, 11:30:04


I made a false start, cancelled it, copied over the needed upgrade .debs from the backup copy of sda1 on the external USB drive, then restarted 'Update Manager' and now have about 1:45 to go installing things. 12:40 pm


14:42:30 successfully booted into ArtistX 0.9 upgraded to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.

Things that have changed : --


Other minor problems : --


  • Occasionally I lose the cursor on the screen. This is annoying as reverting to only keyboard commands to navigate the GUI is quite demanding. I have found a work-around in that suspending to RAM and coming out of that seems to give me back the cursor!

    I think I have solved this, followed instructions on the Ubuntu forums, 'Lost my mouse pointer', 'Missing xorg.conf??? Clean Install & there's none!' and the http://wiki.x.org/wiki

    root@paul-ax09-desktop:/# find -name xorg.conf.new

    root@paul-ax09-desktop:~# gedit /root/xorg.conf.new
    root@paul-ax09-desktop:~# echo 'added Option "HWCursor" "off" to xorg.conf.new'
    added Option "HWCursor" "off" to /root/xorg.conf.new



A few things that I would like to do : --


Install VirtualBox from the official web site.
Install Applications is WINE, including Picasa, Google Earth, TeamViewer,




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